how to stop a dog whining

How to stop your dog whining



One of the most annoying dog behaviors is whining, a whining dog causes stress and discomfort to the owner,the first step to take to stop your dog whining is to find out why he is whining, do this by noting what situations makes your dog whine


Most common reasons for a dog to whine.


  1. He may whine for food or at meal times.

  2. He may whine for attention.

  3. He may whine to go out.

  4. He may whine to toilet.


Your dog could whine in any or all of these situations. If your dog whines to toilet that is acceptable but the other reasons are not,

How to stop your dog whining

As a puppy your dog would whine to get attention from his mother, unfortunately a whining dog has also learnt that when he whines you “his new owner” gives him attention just as his mother used to so unless you break the link he will use whining to get his own way.



Ignore him

To stop your dog whining the first action to take is to try ignoring him determine the situation when he whines. in most cases if you do not react to the whining and give in to your dogs wants he will learn that this sort of behavior has no affect and will stop.this is harder than it sounds but you must break the dogs habit of whining to get your attention once he starts to see whining is no longer working he will start to form new habits and the whining will stop


Shift his attention

You can also try to shift his attention by changing his mood and embarking on some dog training or other activity when he starts to whine give him a series of commands take his mind off of the whining and praise and reward him when he is acting  correctly, do not do this every-time he whines though otherwise you will be back to square one where he is whining for your attention .

Move his crate

you can also try to move his crate or sleeping area out of hearing distance this will make his whining less annoying until he learns you will no longer respond

Meal times

see if he whines in certain situations such as family meal times then try to change  his behavior ie put him in the yard at meal times or feed him  just before your family eats

Medical condition

beware he is not whining because of a medical condition take him to your vet and get him checked out


The best way to handle any dog behavior problem is to teach your dog good dog training techniques using up to date comprehensive training methods by teaching your dog techniques such as walking on a leash to come to you when you call etc he will form positive habits and not take you for granted , he will see you as the pack leader and will be pleased to follow your commands .

Professional dog training techniques can help to solve dog whining



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